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stream of...

So yeah..
Im gonna just stream off some stuff into the collective internet space..or whatever..
About two days ago ago I hitchhikiked into town, and got a ride into town with a young woman, about 22, in a big "hippie van" after about ten minutes of waiting for a ride! Its very unusual that I wait ten minutes for a ride, especially in the morning time.
I had gotten a ride with her once before, we had had a good conversation, all about academic psychology and what a waste of time it was, in her opinion. She didnt strike me as the academic type at all, she was very colourful, passionate, outside the lines.
During this ride though, we got more in depth, into each others business..
She told me how she didnt like psychology, you never got to touch people whom you were supposed to be healing. You didnt get to get down and dirty with them, into the dirt, the crannies, the dark of their life with them. It is all on the mental feild. You had to sit in your analyzing chair for legal reasons, when sometimes all the other person wants is to be held, and how weird a relationship, one where one person bares their soul, and the other sits in nuetral.. I too find that weird.. I dont know what the word would be..not weird..
That psychologists cant get into their patients lives, and pull them up from where they stand, watch their habits really close. but maybe thats too close..but nothing is too close.
Anyway, this woman told me of how she'd had the shit kicked out of her by her ex bf because he was jealous, she felt isolated in her rural community, no one to turn to..
It turns out I know her ex boyfriend, he'd bought me ice cream, and Ive listened to his stream of talking for five hours. Hes definitely an odd kettle of fish, very touchy, sensitive. He doesnt seem like a "man" at all.
Hes been very friendly to me, and offered to help me out whenever I need help, I beleive him, he has sincerity floating off him. But who can know such things, how sincere someone is?
They stay away from eachother, she disconnects emotionally whenever she sees him, he talks about her, and wants to talk with her, wonders why she wont talk to him.
He claims she used witchcraft on him, abused him with her graduate of psychology analysis skills.
She says hes a psycho I should stay away from, an expert con artist.
Who woulda though Id have met them seperately?
Its so kooky..I dont know..Theyre both really friendly, way more than is normal. He sems really nervous with his body, like hes weirded out by too many ppl being around him. Shes totally not even concious of how her body is in space, she leans into your space, talks with her hands, stands close to you.
They both have an eye thing. Intense eye contact. Huge eyes that stare into you more than most ppl ive run into. Ill run into both of them.
Hes connected to a street artist Eli ive been drawing around.Its weird, the circles.
I have a phone friendship, strictly on the phone. We usually talk at one or two in the morning, and fall asleep on the phone..Ive been letting him do most of the talking, if i talk he usually falls asleep, like last night.
I really enjoy our conversations, to me its like all social interactions should be..Real, loose, whatevers there. But, I think i need to train him. Listen to me! I feel a little bit disappointed there, used...not fully..just that i need to set something down..
yeah.... I think im mostly a rightbrainer, a quiz told me so..
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