evolve_elf (evolve_elf) wrote,


im sad. im angry. an answer as to what to do with these feelings.
learning from what ones doing.
youd think if i were beautifull i would be told, messages running thru bouncing hair.
perfect cycle.
natural cycle.
in the moment.
the world was once beautyfull, enchanted.
diverse organisms working together, plants.
i want the colours to run, the organisms beginning and ending blurring.
iwant mindfullness to dawn on me, like the rising sun,
morning, noon, night.
read me poetry that the world was healed,
a blue calm of purified water washed thru,
sealing gaps,
and loving,
giuve me physical manifestation of theklusting on my tongue,
of a healed world for children.
read me a story,
where my consciousness heals as it wakes,
allow me strength to listen to my integrity,
the stories ive heard, the sense i know better.
i want to trance dance, drop acid,
forget my frenzied mind, behind,
lost on yesterday,
because its today.
im leaving.
co dependance.
give me appropriate release.
allow me to see the eyes of pain, look in, and see the beauty.
in our eyes,
another one of my selves.
you do need to lose it once in a while, let conciousness take a brake.
im not concious of the things i would like to be.
allow me to understand.
allow me to understand.
have compasssion with myself.
allow me to see the timelessness in me.
allowe me to be now.
not worrying about the moments, sensations, situations that havent arrived.
not burning for the past, stumbling in the dry tumble weeds of the mind.
its so much fun in the now.
not seperated by extraneous thinking.
not seperated by perception of seperation.
ive thought i would:
build a cob cabin
get up early
get a better digestion
attract people to me
engage those half in my life, half out
tour sustainable communities
bike south america.
get an apartment in denmark
wwooff in europe
absorb new culture
invent an electric car
learn biodeisel, spanish, happiness
learn the art of difficult to have conversations.
thats what im going to do by the time im 30
be playist.
what do you do?
i play.
in the hay.
empath when asked.
intent to reveal myself.
come out from behind the cloak.
reveal my intent.
tell me your listening.
affirm myself back to me.
allow new ideas, concepts, sensations to be breathed in.
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