evolve_elf (evolve_elf) wrote,


alive now.
living the life i want to.
embracing the situations in my life, with unity, rather than duality.
seeing the beautifull source i came from.
id rather make art.
secluding myself,
on an archaeological dig for the treasures inside,
burning my inner landscape with a blow torch, when magic doesn't pour forth, like vein cut.
closing it up, boxing it before its ever been started.
im on a journey to free the mental slavery in my mind, chains that bind.
freeing myself to be in the present.
im disappointed by the current definition of politics.
its starts with me.
peace begins in me.
mindfulness begins with me.
potential begins with me.
possibility begins with me.
the things i tell others to do begins in my day.
the things i do, dream up, jam about talk about,
begin in me.
begin with nurturing thoughts,
global picture thoughts,
finding the beauty in each situation thoughts,
i am an artist of life.
in each moment i have the power to see.
power, as money is powerful.
the power to perceive what i would want to percieve, down the road,
generations to come.
the feelings that may come.
meeting our human needs at less cost?
talk to me.
i can strategize how we could meet these needs,
fix these issues,
bond these hearts,
create peace between man and tres, water and plants.
i can strategize.
but i know ittle do nothing.
instead ill dream of empathizing with the president, see his beaty and hummaness,
se my enemy and set my hurting heart free.
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